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The Grove Field (RockRose – 7.50%) is located in part-block 49/10a and 49/9c in the Southern Gas Basin. Following the successful appraisal in September 2006, Sojitz Corporation originally acquired a 15% interest in the Grove Field via a farm-in. In September 2007 Centrica announced the purchase of the entire share capital of Newfield UK Holdings Limited, the UK subsidiary of Newfield Exploration Company, which included an operated interest in the Grove Field. On 1 July 2007, Centrica also acquired 7.5% of the Grove Field from Sojitz Corporation.

The Grove Field is being developed with a single normally unmanned installation and five production wells. A further production well was spudded in late 2006 but proved unsuccessful and 44 c113640pu040 Proof 7: 10.1.18_19:49 B/L Revision: 0 Operator CutD was plugged and abandoned. The Grove Extension project started in 2008. In February 2009, an additional well was drilled as a side-track and was subsequently tied back to the Grove Field platform. Additional drilling activity was completed in July 2014. The Grove Field delivers gas produced via the Dutch Markham complex.