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The Nelson field (RockRose – 7.48%) is located south east of the Forties field in the Central North Sea. It is operated by Shell and has been on production for ca. 24 years. The Nelson structure is a low relief anticline at a depth of some 7000 ft ss. The quality of the Palaeocene Forties sandstone is very good. Recovery is through a combination of aquifer influx and water injection, as well as gas lift.

The Nelson field has been developed through several cycles of infill drilling following the initial development of the field. A total of 37 production wells and four water injectors have been drilled. 23 producers and zero were in use in Q4 2017. The oil production rate peaked at around 185 Mbbl/ d in 1994. The Nelson field is now at a mature stage of production, producing some 10 Mbbl/d of oil and 125 Mbbl/d of water, a water cut of some 93%. The cumulative oil production as at 31/07/2017 is 463 MMbbl pipeline barrels.

Oil from the fixed platform is transported by pipeline to the Forties field, and then to shore via the Forties pipeline system. Excess gas not used for fuel is exported via a separate pipeline to St Fergus for sale.