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The Tors development (RockRose – 15.00%) comprises two gas fields: the Kilmar Field and the Garrow Field, which are linked to the Trent Field in the Southern Gas Basin.

Tors received development sanction in August 2005. The Kilmar Field has been developed with a normally unmanned installation linked to the Perenco-operated Trent Field platform.

The Kilmar Field came into commercial production in March 2006 with further wells drilled in late 2006 and December 2007. The Garrow Field commenced commercial production in February 2007. Production in 2007 was lower than anticipated due to lower gas prices shutting-in some production and drilling complications causing delays in the startup of production from the final Kilmar Field well. Upon taking over operations of the fields in 2014, Alpha Petroleum made investments that helped to increase reliability of the production facilities and improve well performance. Gas from the Kilmar Field is exported to the Perenco-operated Trent Field via a 21 kilometre long pipeline. From the Trent Field, gas is delivered via the Esmond Transportation System line to the Perenco-operated terminal facilities at Bacton.